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The Pussy Masturbator Tube – New Mould is a high quality stroker with a realistic feel and look. Our customers in India have shown a great deal of interest in this Fleshlight compatible stroker, and for good reason. The price is much more reasonable than the famous Flashlight, while still offering a enticingly real feel that will make each use a genuine pleasure. This stroker is comprised of high quality phthalate free S-EB-S material. The total length of this masturbator is measured at 24.8 cm long and 9.3 cm wide. The smooth, soft vaginal lips on this tube are designed to be aesthetically and physically pleasing during use and storage.

Thanks to the design this stroker is easy to clean, obviously it is incredibly easy to use and with the use of a little lube, especially a specialty lube like one that warms up you can have a consistently satisfying experience every time you use this toy. If you have a favorite standard lube, this stroker can be warmed overall with the aid of warm water. Thanks to the design of this stroker, it can be placed in a variety of locations should you desire a hands free masturbatory experience with the aid of any number of options like couch cushions and mattresses. The whole stroker is easy to clean and is self contained and inconspicuous when put away.

We work hard to make certain our customers are satisfied and we have received excellent reviews from our customers all over the world including India. Once you place your order, we will take the utmost care in getting it to you. Once you receive the Pussy Masturbator Tube, come back and leave us a review!

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