How Not To Blow a Blow Job

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People take giving a blow job as favour which is very contradictory to the notion that few women actually get an orgasam while blowing there guy(It is not made up picking it up from personal experience here).Advice from the people  ranges from “make love to the cock in your mouth,” to make your mouth look like you’re “a clown at a carnival game,” to a hot tip of trying to get his dick to the back of your throat and then to “stick your tongue out and lick the balls,” which seems like something a specially trained circus performer does because holy crap. This article here is not that complicated just a few tips to make sure you and your partner enjoy the act together.

1. Let him feel like the king of the world

Make it about him. Communication is the key here,ask him how he would want it,should you go on your knees or he just wants to lie down and relax.For once let it be about him ☺. I know it’s a hard pill to swallow but way less harder than what you will get later….wink wink.

2. Abstain from using your teeth

Ladies it’s a ground rule no one likes a bitter,no teeth please. Not only it would turn him off but also maybe end up you being never be allowed in that area again. A little nip on inner thighs is fine that too as an act of teasing him. . Any contact of the teeth with the penis is unacceptable. The worst is when you scrape your teeth up and down the shaft.

Open your damn mouth wide enough to keep your teeth out of the equation. We know it isn’t comfortable or normal, but you’ll get used to it. When you do, you’ll learn that you’ll be able to make friends and influence people much better than before.

3. Make it effortless

Let it come naturally, not something that you plan. Remember it’s just a blow job and not rocket science which require a plan or detailing. A safe word would be fine and making him all excited about it is ok but don’t make it sound like a questionnaire for him. Perhaps the most life-changing piece of advice I gleaned from this was that “guys love it when you kiss them on the dick, So make it smooth and all natural.

4. Don’t get too handsy

Remember it’s a freaking Blow Job and not anything else. We get tired….that jaw hurts and yes at times we run out of breath….but don’t give up baby girl. Blow jobs are about sucking cock. While there’s absolutely no reason you should confuse it with a hand job and stop using your mouth, there’s no reason you should only be using your oral orifice to get the job done.

5. Getting back to basic

While your mouth takes care of that dick make sure your magical fingers do their job. Make them a little moist and slowly put it in his ass…..there I said it. I know it sounds weird but weird is better. It’ll give that leap to you  from being an innocent girl to his kinky woman.

6. Balle Balle To Balls

Let it be a wholesome experience. Do not restrict  yourself to the tip. Take it all in . Let that cock gag you for few seconds. Get down to those balls . Guys love it when you play with them . Just be careful with them remember they are trusting you with their most sensitive part. Try to swallow them… basically let them tea bag you if possible. In layman’s language let him dip those balls like a tea bag in your mouth. It’ll for sure drive him crazy.

7. Eyes Eyes Baby

I know you shy…hesitant but the cat is out of the bag my girl. When you down on him make him hold your hair. Let him look at you ….admire you, be proud of you….argghhh getting too parentyy there . Just a slight eye contact will make him go weak in his knees. That stare will make a chill run down his spine. Just don’t overdo that or he’ll get conscious which will turn him off instantly.

P.s : Just a handy tip for the one who wants to make it a little more exciting.

Drink some warm water and put some honey in your mouth right before you suck him. The warmth of water will melt the honey and that in turn will give a tingly feeling to him . Honey lasts longer so any day better than chocolate or whipped cream. It’s hassle free and healthy .I call it HoneySuckle ☺

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