Sex Toys for Noobs

Sextoys in India

Sex toys are not for losers who do not have a partner or for pros who can handle them . On the contrary they are for everyone .

They can be a perfect addition to your self love time or add that kink to your love making session. They can be a little intimidating.

If you have never used sex toys before, scrolling through thousands of 17-inch dildos online can be a pretty scary experience.

Not sure whether you’re after clitoral stimulation, G-spot stimulation, or both? Trying different toys is the best way to figure out what works for you and your body. Here are some of the best toys for beginners – enjoy experimenting.

Sex Toys for Men


Sex Toys for Women

A cock ring is a really fun toy to gift a guy because it keeps them harder for longer, and also vibrates against both of you so it’s basically a gift for yourself, too. NaughtyMe cock rings are so well designed and slick, and are rechargeable. Using lube, slip the ring down to the base of your partner’s penis and switch the vibrator on. Position yourself so your clit gets maximum pleasure out of it .


Adult Toys in India

A clit vibrator is such a good one for beginners as it’s small, soft and not too powerful (powerful enough, I assure you though). If you want to try some stimulation, this beginners vibrator is a really good. Ohmibod Lovelife Smile Clitoral Vibe is affordable and not too big, so as long as you are comfortable, relaxed and use lots of lube, it’ll make you find the orgasm.


Sex Toys in India

Want to ease your way into backdoor play? Starting off with a Fetish Fantasy Limited Edition Beginners Butt Plug can be a great way to begin because generally you’ll need to try out a few out before you find the right fit. Made from super-soft and comfortable, these plugs are designed for long-term wear, so if you’re feeling frisky, you could really have some fun by stowing one of these away for the day.These plugs are firm yet gentle in your most intimate areas.


Dildo Toys

When it comes to dildo size isn’t everything, especially if you’re searching for a portable option that’s small enough to fit inside a purse or backpack. Johnny Vixskin Carmel Dildo which is made from super-soft silicone to give the kind of intense, one-of-a-kind stimulation that’ll leave your body buzzing for more. Best of all, this completely waterproof toy comes with a discreet travel case, so you can take it with you anywhere you go.

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