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“One of the weirdest yet fun games to come out in the market in recent years, What The Fuck Comparisons Board Game, will let you compete with other players to come up with the most fucked up answers to completely fucked up questions. ‘What the fuck’ is exactly what players will say when they play this game, hence the name.
This unique game can be played by 3-20 players and has the power to transform a boring house party into a fun affair. This game will have players contributing cards to answer questions or to fill in blanks to create entire fucked up sentences. The game set includes a book with 216 Fucked Up Questions, 324 Fucked Up Answer cards and 3 dice. Each player gets a turn to read out a question and the player who gives the most fucked up answer to the question (according to the reader) wins that particular round. The player with the most wins to their name is given the title of being the most fucked up person in the room. This game is a new and improved version of the insanely popular Fucked-up questions game and is even more fucked up than the original game.
What The Fuck Comparisons Board Game is a brilliant yet weird game that will keep everyone on the edge of their seats and lead to some pretty interesting and fucked up answers. Here is a question from the game to give you a rough idea of what lies ahead, “How do I win an argument with a mime?”.”

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