Strawberry Lubricant


The LoveKiss Cream Strawberry Lubricant has an irresistible scent that is as deliciously strawberry scented and the juiciest strawberries you could ever find. This smooth lubricant is long lasting and perfect for a sexy night in with your lover or a personal night in with your favorite toys. Trust the Lovekiss brand to provide you with a fun, perfectly slippery lubricant that also disinfects to kill harmful bacteria. The smooth feel of this lubricant is sure to make sex even more enjoyable and you will want to use this strawberry scented lubricant again and again.

The 100 ml tube will provide you with a lot of hours of fun that both you and your partner are sure to enjoy more and more each time. Stay stocked up and order yours today! We offer plenty of other scented and flavored lubricants by LoveKiss, each as enticingly scented and flavored as the last.

Order today and we will not only process your order quickly, but send you a tracking number so that you can follow the progress of your order to your door. There is no need to worry about uncomfortable conversations with the mailman or a nosy neighbor because we offer quick reliable worldwide shipping in packaging that is perfectly discreet. If you have any questions our stellar customer service representatives are more than happy to provide you with a quick answer. Our customer service and shipping methods are designed around the needs of our customers and we have earned great reviews from customers all over the world, including India, based on our efficiency and assistance.

Order the LoveKiss Cream Strawberry Lubricant today and don’t forget- when you test out your order, come back and leave us a great review!

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