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Spin The Bottle is a game that you might have played in one form or the other in your school days. One of the most popular games in the past, it was most famously played by teenagers who wanted to drink and get naughty together.
This is your opportunity to bring a bit of retro fun to your party gatherings. This laugh-inducing game is surely going to ensure an amazing experience for all the people involved in the game. It will be a laugh riot as all the people swap beers for kisses and long smooches. To start things off, everyone who wishes to play must sit in a circle. Once everyone has a place in the ‘sacred circle’, you are supposed to spin any empty bottle. Once the spinning bottle comes to a halt, the two opponents sitting at the opposite ends to where the bottle is pointing at will play the game. The spinner available in the package lets you decide the impending action and has options such as, YMCA, Spin Again, Truth or Dare, Pass the Shot, Rhyme, Take a Shot, Lose your Turn, Just a Sip and more.
One of the easiest way to ensure you have a blockbuster house party with a lot of naughty fun, Spin the Bottle, is a complete laugh riot that ensures everyone involved has a great time. All the secret crushes and lovers will come out of hiding and can freely express their love with kisses and smooches.

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