Silicon Anal Beads


The Silicone Dotted Anal Bead can be used by men and women. Men and women in India are different. Both have different ways of pleasuring themselves. Men are likely to reach their climax a lot quicker than women. This is why women often need dildos to put them in a good mood. Both men and women have two different ways to pleasure themselves. One is through manipulation of their genitals, while the other is through the anus.


Anal pleasure is possible for men since the prostate is easily accessed through anal penetration. For women, there are times that the G-spot is just behind the anus, so anal penetration may be desired. There have been innovative ways for women to reach their desired level of pleasure but none are more effective than the Silicone Dotted Anal Bead.


This anal bead is made of 100% silicone and is loaded with beads so that it can stimulate the desired area for maximum pleasure. The anal bead has a curved pattern so that it can reach different areas inside the anus in order to get to the right spot. It is laced with dots so that the tiniest amount of sensation can be achieved, hence enhancing the experience even further.


The anal bead comes in two different colors – pink and violet and has a handle so that it can easily maneuver throughout the entire experience. The dotted anal bead is made of high quality, Phthalate Free silicone material so that it does not cause any form of allergic reaction to the user.
So, if you are planning on pleasuring yourself through anal stimulation, then this is the right tool for you.

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