Massage Wand with TRP Cap


The Multi-Speed Wand Massager Vibrator with TPR Cap is a stunning vibrator that can do it all. It comes in a more portable and lightweight size and is powered by a high-strength motor. The vibrator is made with body safe food grade silicone and feels amazingly smooth against the skin.

The device is also 100% waterproof so you can take your vibrator with you into the shower or the bathtub without worrying about damaging the product. The flexible yet soft silicone head can be used to massage your neck, shoulders or any other part of your body when you are not in the mood to play with it. The vibrator is also a part of the brand’s Mute Design series with lower than 50 decibels of sound emitted. This ensures that you can enjoy your personal massager wand without worrying about anyone else finding about your little secret. The neck of the product has a nice amount of flex to it, and it enables the user to press firmly in a way that is comfortable and easy. It ships with a TPR G-spot and brush cap so that you can experiment with the vibrator.

If you are searching for an all in one vibrator/massager that is 100% waterproof and flexible enough to experiment with different positions, the Multi-Speed Wand Massager Vibrator with TPR Cap is the best you can get. The high-strength vibrator is also extremely portable and the compact size makes it the perfect travel buddy.