Leather Hand Cuffs


This is your chance to experience bondage at the basic level. The Soft Plush PU Leather Hand Cuffs – Purple is a very soft and comfortable pair of handcuffs that will help you restrain your partner while you have your way with them. It is made with the best available materials to ensure you have a comfortable controlled experience.

Do you like to play role playing games with your partner? The atmosphere in the bedroom is bound to become stale at some point in the relationship. This is the time couples usually start to experiment with sex toys and try to broaden their sexual horizons. A lot of couples have benefitted from bondage and role playing scenarios. Having total dominance over your partner is a really exciting idea and this pair of hand cuffs ensures they are completely under your control. The best part about these hand cuffs is that they can be used by everyone and the custom fit design fits most people easily. This pair of handcuffs are created with high quality Plush and PU leather and feel natural against the skin. Furthermore, the insides of the handcuff is lined with black faux fur that gives the cuffs an extremely soft fit.

Restrain your lover with the Soft Plush PU Leather Hand Cuffs – Purple and watch them twist and turn with pleasure as you tease, caress and play with their body. Once you lock them up with this pair of handcuffs, their body is at your mercy and you can do everything you wish to without them intervening.

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