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“This game is for all the stoners out there. If you love weed and would like to have some fun the next time you are sitting in ‘the holy circle’ with your friends, you should try playing the Weed Card Game. This easy to learn strategy game involves a laugh-inducing virtual pot growing competition amongst all players.
Brought to you by Kheper Games, based in Seattle, Washington, this interesting game will teach you the pure art of growing pot plants where you and other players compete to grow the highest number of pot plants. As you build your garden, you must also try to prevent other players from establishing a better pot garden than yours. You can plant dandelions in someone else`s garden, steal plants and even bust other players for possession. There plant cards with four plants or two plants that the players are supposed to collect as they go. The ultimate goal of the game is to collect 5 plant cards in your garden. But you should always keep an eye out for the Potzilla (a green Godzilla with a joint), as that card has the ability to destroy your entire farm at one go).
Unleash your inner hippie with the Weed Card Game from Kheper Games. The next time you and your stoner friends are getting together, you can play this game and enjoy a chill session enhanced with a laugh riot. It does not matter who wins the game because everyone involved learns something new about growing pot. “

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