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Your lover’s body can be you very own canvas of passion with Hott Products Play Pens Body Paint. This delicious, edible fruit-flavoured body paint pens let you draw or write sexy patterns and messages directly on your partner’s skin. Spell out what you have in mind for your partner and see if they can figure out what you’ve written, in sexy guessing game.

This incredibly sensual experience allows you to slow things down and explore your partner’s body more intimately and brings you closer together, while also being fun. Take turns to trace beautiful patterns on each other’s skin and feel shivers of delight as your partner licks and sucks the paint off./Set the mood by drawing arrows pointing your partner in the exact direction you want their tongue to explore your body. Return the favour by following the paint trails on your partner’s skin with your mouth and tongue to leave hot sexy trails of passion on their skin. These sensual games can be a prelude to the main events of the night.

The glucose syrup based paint comes in Green Apple, Strawberry, Cherry and Blue Raspberry Flavours that will keep you coming back for more. It’s just the right consistency to glide smoothly on the skin, giving light coverage in 4 fun colours (green, pink, red and purple). When playtime is over, the paint washes off easily or can be wiped off with a warm towel between sessions. Turn foreplay into dessert and put your partner on the menu. Just spread your Hott Products Play Pens Body Paint on your partner and feast away.

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