Flesh Color Sleeve


For men to become stronger and more authentic in the eyes of the partner. By wearing soft silicone jackets to increase the size of the little guy, or the fast ejaculation premature ejaculation did not satisfy the sisters. The product can both replace the condom and keep the men’s erection more male and make her her esteem.

Twins rotating design vibrating the two ends help stimulate him, especially the foreskin makes him longer. At the same time, the original vagina stimulates the vagina to make the girls feel good, increasing the pleasure and double the excitement.

Latex is made entirely of TPR silicone with high antibacterial, impact-resistant, elasticity and softness to massager into the vagina. high sex drive orgasm when making love. With Braveman’s Bravado Twist Vibration, you can completely assert your male counterpart in front of her, making her more intimate and love you more.

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