Du Ai Lubricant


Get ready to be thermally seduced when you apply this silky, light and very passionate thermal lubricant. All you have to do is pop open the spill proof cap of the DU AI Sex Lubricant Passion Thermal and transport yourself and your partner away fromIndiaand into the land of sexual bliss. Warm it up a little between your hands and rub it all over your erogenous zones . Just a small amount will let you know how smooth and slick this romantic warming lubrication can be. You can rest assured that when you use it, that the ingredients are completely safe because Cheapsextoys.com only offers products made with the highest quality ingredients.


The passion thermal lubricant is allergy tested and dermatologist proven so even those with sensitive skin can benefit from a bit of thermal sexual stimulation. The ultra slick lube sets the mood for hours of delightful activity. There is no better time to get in touch with your wild side than when using our passion lube, it is formulated from  100% plant extracts which provides pleasure, smoothness, moisture and lubrication. It is completely water soluble, so it won’t stain clothing or fabric. It comes in 3 interesting flavors to further heighten your experience.


To make the mood romantic, have your partner lay down comfortably while you drizzle small amounts of our thermal lube over all the parts you want to enjoy. Rub in gently, paying special attention to the pleasure points and feel their lust build as the thermal’s heat on their skin. To make things a little more fun, mix up your touch with teasing and firm strokes. Place your order today and receive your DU AI Sex Lubricant Passion Thermal quickly and efficiently, in packaging so discreetly designed that no one will have a clue about the sexy secrets contained within. Once you have received your product let us know how you much you love it and leave us a review.

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