Make Me Moan

sextoys for couple
sextoys for couple

Dr. Phil says it takes a woman 14 minutes to have an orgasm… well I feel bad for Dr. Phil.

According to Dr. Phil a woman takes 14 minutes to have an orgasm…..and I think Dr. Phil needs to read this blog ☺ …If you don’t warm her up or in simpler terms if you don’t go for foreplay and penetrate her properly it will take around twenty minutes to get off. Most men don’t know what they are doing and take things to their ego which never leads to a healthy orgasm.

What Women Want

Main Sextoys for couple

It might sound very generic but what your girl actually wants isn’t too complicated. At times just following directions or just follow those moans will lead you in the right direction.

Maintain that Rhythm

make me moan sextoys for couple

Some men don’t maintain that rhythm and shift gears which is a big turn off. Change is nice but once you notice that something is working for her then stick to it.

Don’t Bite Anything & Everything

Sextoys for couple dont bite

Unlike men, women don’t mind when men use their teeth. They just need to be careful. While it works for most of the parts be it clit, labia or even the walls some women like to be informed. Nibble don’t bite, remember you want to make her cum and not tear a packet of chips

Motorboat Those Babies

Roleplay for sextoys for couple

God made boobs for a reason so don’t just stare. Get going and suck press play and repeat. Breast are one of the most erogenous zone and if played at the right time and moment can actually lead to a perfect O.

Elevation is Always Better

Make her horny sextoys for couple

Tie a knot or make a note but always use a back support. Be it a cushion or anything that gives some support to your back. A little elevation also adds up to building up of a crazy orgasm.

Talk Dirty

kissing sextoys for couple

Don’t be hesitant about talking. Remember communication is the key. One should refrain from blabbering but at the same time let her know that you want her.

Lube Up

reach orgasm sextoys for couple

Some women are naturally lubed up and few need assistance. So either go natural with your saliva or use some lube to get that labia going. So buy lubricant to enhance your sexual experience here.

Bondage Sextoys for Couples

At times things become mundane and monotony hits the sack before you do. Try adding some toys just to get her interested or make her feel important by getting her something nice that will turn her naughty. Check out some Bondage Toys for couples.

P.s : For once just let it be all about her….and you will make those toes  dig in , that body squirming right in front of you and that belly button elevating with every second and that soul waiting for more .

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