How to Practice Safe Shower Sex !!

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Shower sex is one of the easiest ways to have hot & steamy sex. And when you’re at it, the one thing that’s wet apart from you is the floor and wet floors aren’t sexy – slipping isn’t sexy. You may have seen in movies or read it in books, but IRL, it can be dangerous, to say the least. So to avoid an unnecessary trip to the ER, there are some safety measures you will need to follow.

We’ve got the best sex positions, a few products, and other tidbits to help you get your rub-a-dub on safely and sexily.

Set the mood right

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The picture of shower sex that we have in mind doesn’t line up with our bathroom, we have to admit it. We usually have bright fluorescent lights, stacks of toilet paper in a corner and half a dozen shampoo bottles lying here & there and not to forget, used clothing! If you want this to be special and memorable, first things first – get rid of anything unnecessary. Put clothes in a laundry bag, put away empty bottles and maybe replace the light with an incandescent bulb. Make sure you clear out the clutter so that you have fewer things to navigate around when you’re getting hot and heavy in the bathroom.

To make things special, light some candles, better if they are scented. Get a waterproof Bluetooth speaker and put on some sexy music.

Know your limits

Now is not the right time or place to impress your partner with those super-athletic moves you watched in that movie. To prevent any awkward fumbling around or a potential dislocated joint, go a little subtle with your moves. So, keep the gymnast in you out of the bathroom and consider what or what may not work!

However, there some conventional positions that you can modify in some way to go with your new watery surroundings.

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A reliable go-to position for shower sex is the standing position. This position works best if you and your partner are similar heights. The receiver can either stand with their hands on the wall or brace themselves with a curve in their back, while the giver penetrates from behind. You can also do the standing doggy with the wall as a support.


You can always take things to the floor – there is no constant fear of slipping over and you’ll still have the feeling of water raining down on you.

If you’re still unsure of how to take things inside the bathroom, there is just the right innovation for you. Invest in some shower handles or footrests and see them make a world of difference. This will help you keep your balance and will help provide support for several different positions for further explorations in a safe way.

Use lubes

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Contrary to popular belief, water does not work as a lubricant. So relying on natural lubricant while you’re in the shower may not work for you because water will strip you of your natural lubricant and will likely result in discomfort. So here’s where personal lubricants come to play.

But not all lubes will work the same way under the shower. So what should you be using? When in the shower, silicone-based lubes will work best as the formula won’t wash away or dry up as easily as others. There are some amazing lubes available at NaughtyMe that will leave your skin feeling soft & moisturised and they are non-sticky as well.

Communication is the key

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It’s always fun to experiment and try new things, but it’s also important that you take into consideration your partner’s view. You need to understand that not everything will work for everyone!

Perhaps the most important way to have safe shower sex is to communicate with your partner. If something doesn’t feel right, you need to let them know. Your partner will appreciate it if you tell them upfront rather than them finding it out the hard way, and vice versa!

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