Coming Out ? Or Coming Through ?

LGBT toys
Sextoys for LGBT

We can’t put people into categories or boxes. There is no right or wrong in love or when it comes to making love. No love is crime or unnatural.  Love always wins and so should you with the slashed prices on our special LGBTQ products designed for you. Visit to select Sextoys for LGBT.

Lack of making love should not lead to  lack of love. So here’s a list of all that you need at a special discount rejoicing the pride month.

1. Colour Pride Edition 8 Inches Dongs

Sextoys for LGBT in India

It is wicked  dildo that feel and act more expensive than it is ,it’s body safe and has a strong suction cup on the bottom in case you want to keep it in place on a table, wall, shower door – whatever!

Get a better-than-life cock in a fantastical color! It is perfect for G-spot or prostate pleasure and realistic veins that caress and stimulate as you play. 

2. Anal plug

Lovense Hush in India

It  is the evolution of anal pleasure. Made from stainless steel, this small size toy provides a satisfying weight and smooth texture for your playtimes. Equally fun for hot bedroom play or wear all day for some secret.

A perfect companion for all your anal adventures. The smooth tapered body allows for easy and secure insertion.

For adventurous types who enjoy public play, consider it, a smart plug that connects to then app and allows you (or a partner) to control the device straight from your phone.

3. Ass Thruster

When you’re looking to take your anal play to the next level, Gyrating Anal Thruster is a perfect  choice for high-end anal arousal and prostate play. Made from our ultra-hygienic Silicone it is body-safe, phthalate-free, latex-free, and made to play hard. Using the latest in USB rechargeable technology.

Ergonomically designed for maximum comfort and guaranteed satisfaction. Perfect for any gender, this unisex collection comes packed with mind-blowing features that offer incredible thrills and explosive results.

It thrusts, it vibrates AND it warms up- in short, the feature-packed Ass Thruster is a total orgasmic powerhouse always at the ready. Able to be held in hand or enjoyed hands free at just about any angle, it’s incredibly versatile and perfect for alone-time or couple situations.

4. King Cock Double Trouble

The King Cock Large U Shaped Double Ended Dildo in Flesh is made to make your double penetration dreams a reality.

This U Shaped Double Ended Dildo features 2 differently sized tips for vaginal and anal penetration or use your imagination .This sturdy yet flexible curve makes this toy easy to manipulate and maneuver.

Every vein, every shaft, and every head is carefully handcrafted with exquisite detail to give you the most realistic experience ever imagined. Enjoy while this double trouble King fills both of your holes!

Every King Cock is phthalate-free, latex-free, body-safe, and hypoallergenic.

5. Hollow strap on

This is your chance to reach the farthest erotic spots of your partner’s body, Regardless of the fact whether you are a man or a woman, the Hollow Strap on Dildo With Vibrator will help you treat yourself and your partner to a truly enjoyable sexual experience. This is the ultimate product for couples who like to indulge in a little bondage and role playing fun. 

So down and dirty or straight up……no pun intended there!!!

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