The Best Foreplay to Match Your Love Language

Sure, sex is great, but have you ever tried taking your time during foreplay? Have you tried using that time to intimately connect with a partner on a deeper level, while taking into consideration how they are best able to receive affection?  Foreplay does not only refer to what happens in the moments precipitating sex. […]

15 Ways to Explore Breast Play

Chest, nipples, and breasts are all erogenous zones, but honestly, they don’t get the attention they deserve. Some people like to engage in breast play in pursuit of orgasms, but even without an orgasm, breast play can feel awesome. Nipple stimulation can even help increase vaginal lubrication and relax the pelvic floor muscles, which is […]

Eat Pussy Like a Pro With These Oral Sex Tips

how to eat pussy like a pro

Eating out, licking out, cunnilingus, oral sex: whatever you prefer to call it, eating pussy rocks. Oral sex is widely known as the most reliable way to give a person with a vulva the big O. Studies consistently show that the vast majority of vulva-owners require clitoral stimulation to have an orgasm, and oral sex […]

Ways to Combat Stress and Anxiety for Better Sex

Sex is a great stress reliever, but stress itself can negatively impact our sex lives. Many people lead busy lives that can feel overwhelming, and 24 hours in a day doesn’t seem enough to fit everything in. Constant pressure can take its toll on our health and mental wellbeing as our bodies get used to […]

Everyday Habits That Can Affect Your Libido

What does it mean when you’re within the mood for sex, but your body isn’t responding? This struggle between the brain and body often means that you have a low libido, and good news – it’s reversible! The not so good news? Your unhealthy habits might be causing it to dip… but there are plenty […]

7 Most Satisfying Sex Toys for All You Singles!

Splurging on new sex toys — especially if you’re just out of a relationship or trying to take things slow with dating — can be an awesome way to treat yourself and to keep from settling for less than what you know you deserve. There are all kinds of toys you can pick up to make the most of your singledom: a new vibe, maybe an adorable little palm-sized massager, and other toys that will do all the work for you.