6 Ways to Maintain A Healthy Sex Life During Coronavirus Outbreak

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We are dealing with a very serious situation, that is, COVID-19 or Coronavirus. All of us have been impacted by the pandemic in one way or the other — and that also includes our sex lives. During these times, it is important to make sure that you have all the basic necessities at hand such as shelter, food, medicines and basic hygiene, but at the same time, a healthy sex life is important too – especially if you’re in a relationship. So, if you’re not infected by the deadly virus, we recommend you to go ahead and please your urges. Here are a few tips to maintain a healthy sexual life irrespective of whether you live with your partner or you don’t.

If you and your partner are together

Assuming that you are living with your partner right now, there are a lot of things you can do together so you don’t get stuck in the rut and continue to keep things spicy in and out of bed.

1. Make space for each other

There is a saying that space is where love grows. Initially, you may find it difficult to physically be in your separate spaces, but try to be intentional about being separate. Assign a couple of hours just to yourselves

– you can either take separate rooms or if you have a smaller apartment, be in two different corners and do your activities – it could be work-related, watch Netflix or chat with friends. When the assigned period is completed, then intentionally come to each other.

When you’re cooped up together for a long period of time, it’s only natural to go crazy or get irritated with each other. So, a little time just to yourself in a separate room can work wonders for you as a couple.

2. Create your own sex game

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Now with the national lockdown in place, you can’t just go ahead and buy a sex game hoping to get it within a few days. Since it’s going to take a lot of time to arrive, why not just make one yourself? If you have some dice in your home, take one die and assign body parts such as lips, neck, feet, etc. to it and assign one more die with acts such as kiss, lick, scratch, etc. This is as basic as it can get, but it doesn’t have to be. Let your imagination run wild and create a role-playing game to surprise your partner. You

could play strip poker or even scrabble. Use what’s lying available at home and make your everyday mundane more exciting.

3. Schedule sex

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We all have heard about the benefits of scheduling sex when you’re both busy, but even if you’re together at home all the time, it’s easy to fall into a rut. Scheduling can build up anticipation all through the day, especially when you spend a couple of hours away from each other. This way you both will be on the same page about what to expect.

If you’re the kind of person who follows a to-do list religiously, you will fit into this schedule perfectly. This is good sex advice, in general – because prioritizing your mutual and individual pleasures is not a bad thing after all.

4. Try Something New

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Try to break the pattern. This is the perfect time to try something new to spice up your sex life. We always tend to go for what works best for us and our partners, but spontaneity and newness can bring intimacy and connection that you haven’t yet discovered. Indulge in a role-play, confess a secret fantasy, let them know of your desires and ask them to share theirs with you.

If you and your partner don’t live together

Before the coronavirus hit us on the face, you saw your partner on a regular basis — you had lunch, dinner, movies, game nights at your place, you could go on a weekend getaway or staycation. Now, there’s no certainty about the next time you’ll see each other. Treat your quarantine period as a long-distance relationship. There are a lot of people who are in this and they find ways to make it work. Here’s how you can do it too.

5. Use technology to your advantage

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During these difficult times, technology is your friend. If you’re separated from your partner due to the lockdown, you can still get on in a lot of fun. From sexting to Facetiming to phone sex – there are exciting options that are open for you. Now is also the time to break out that couples sex toy that you can get it to work using a mobile app. We love Lovense, perfect toys for couples in a long-distance relationship!

6. Plan a Virtual Striptease

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Staying apart but still want to arouse your partner and give them a reason to masturbate? Then strip down! Stripping on camera in front of your partner can be really sexy. Turn on your favorite music and start stripping slowly while dancing to the music. But when you start doing it, we would like to say that if you aren’t sure whether your partner is trustworthy enough to not record or take a screenshot of the video, please don’t share it. If you’re in a healthy, long-term relationship, feel free to pull out that sexy lingerie from the back of the drawer. Wear what you feel sexy in, it could be a lacy lingerie, a negligee or any item of clothing that your partner loves seeing on you and then take it off in the most seductive way possible.

There’s no right or wrong way to deal with sex when you’re already dealing with a pandemic. If you don’t feel well or if you’ve tested positive and self-isolating, we would suggest you to wait till you’re better. If your libido has fallen, explore other things to form an intimacy. Ultimately, what matters most in the time of coronavirus outbreak is maintaining a healthy connection with your partner.

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